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14. ÖGP Tagung 2022:

For this year’s ÖGP conference we organized events, especially for JuWis including a pre-conference day, a Social Evening for JuWis, and a poster prize. Please use the following link to check out the full JuWis program: 

The pre-conference day on September 03rd started with presentation sessions in which early career researchers could give a talk on their projects and thereby gain (first) positive experience in a friendly environment or join as part of the audience. Presenters had the opportunity to get valuable feedback from peers as well as from the mentors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bartosz Gula and Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Brigitte Jenull.


Following the presentation sessions, workshops on Third Mission by Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Psych. Dr. Barbara Schober and on Open Science and Preregistration by Dr. rer. nat. Hilmar Brohmer, M.Sc. were offered. During arrival at the conference venue as well as during the break between presentation sessions and workshops, participants were provided with free snacks and drinks and lots of time for networking. After the workshops, participants had the opportunity to end the evening together with their peers at a nearby restaurant.

The Social Evening organized for JuWis took place on Sunday evening, September 04th, at a restaurant in the city center giving JuWis the opportunity to get to know each other and to share experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. For this purpose, a separate space was reserved at the restaurant and participating JuWis received a 5€ voucher for the restaurant.

We received lots of applications for the poster prize, which were evaluated by a committee consisting of members from different areas of psychology and from different Austrian universities using previously specified criteria. Each poster was evaluated by three committee members from a different university than the applicant. Based on the evaluations, two poster prizes were awarded at the general members meeting at the conference. Congratulations on winning a poster prize to Jessica Schirl, Elisabeth Ruth, and Martina Zemp with the poster “Der Einfluss von Stress und Coping auf die Partnerschaftsqualität von Eltern von Kindern mit ADHS“ (University of Vienna) and to Linda Maurer, Anna Schultz and Sabine Seebacher with the poster “Ohne Tschick ist der Boden schick”. 

We are happy that so many of you participated in our events and look forward to seeing you at the next ÖGP conference in 2024!

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